Writing Snippets


It’s been said

that God never gives us more

than we can handle.

He must have me


with someone else.

The Crush

When I crush an ant or spider,
or any insect
that has found me
in a foul mood,
or scared me,
I apologize
as my foot
comes crashing down,
"I’m sorry."

I wonder,
when my time comes,
from cancer or a car accident,
or whatever form of catastrophe
is destined
to crush my existence,
if I will,
at the very moment of impact,
hear a thundering
"I’m sorry."


God gives us the colors.
We paint the pictures.
we paint with exquisite brushstrokes,
and our painting
is delicate and fine.

Other times,
we finger-paint
with bold, crude splashes of color,
and our painting
is unrefined
and yet, oddly charming.

A Prayer for Money

Dear God,

I need some money. Free money. I know it’s not the most important thing in the world. I know it’s just another form of energy, but it’s a form of energy I need. I want to live in a beautiful mansion. I want a reallycool car with a seat belt that’s not shredding and upholstery that doesn’t have stuffing popping out. I want to have a vacation that does not involve a tent. I have great things to do that require money. I want to write more books. If I had free money, my talents would have time to come out and play. I wouldn’t have to go to work. I could just spend my day writing, or maybe playing tennis, or painting.

As you know, I’m deep in debt. Home equity line debt, which I actually thought was free money. I want to get out of the hole and into the light. The money light. You’ve given me some good, hard lessons in life, and now, hopefully, I’ve paid my dues. I don’t feel I need any more hardships. I think I have learned my lessons well enough. Can I just coast for a bit?

For the method of delivery, I was thinking that the lottery would be a good vehicle. Publishers Clearinghouse would also be fine. I don’t want "death" money, however. No one should die. I also don’t want to sue anybody. The money should not hurt anyone and it should be effortless. I could get a really big client that doesn’t take a lot of work. I could find oil on my property. I could even find mobster money, but I don’t want anyone chasing me. Someone could see me on the street and just like me. They’d be rich and give me a bunch of money just for who I am.

I would like to feel a free ride. A surprise bonus for nothing. A glittery, golden burst of sun on a cloudy day. I want to be showered in a rainbow of money. Is it my turn? Do people get turns? Do some get more turns than others? Do you have some free surprise packages lying around in your closet? Do you have closets?

I promise I’ll be good. Well, I’ve been good. I’ll be better. Just think about it.


P.S. And if for some reason I can’t have the money, can I have a French accent?

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