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1/11/10 Always Late

I am typically late. I don’t mean to be. I just am. If someone’s waiting for me they think I’m inconsiderate. I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just not good at judging time and how long it takes to do something like feed the dogs, put on makeup, get dressed, drive somewhere and be at that somewhere at a certain exact time. To be fair, however, I have considered the fact that if, indeed, I’m simply not good at judging time, then I would be early as frequently as I am late. I’m never early. So much for that theory, which if true, would make me look like a less-bad person. Ah, well.

It does seem that invariably as I feed the dogs one of them will throw up and I have to stop and clean it up. Or, my makeup will spill or my eyebrow pencil will break and I’ll try to sharpen it with a dull sharpener which makes it continue to break and then it’s down to the nub and I have to find something else to act as an eyebrow pencil, like a Dixon #2 actual pencil. You know, that sort of thing. Then, of course, there’s traffic. Actually, I hardly ever get to use that as a legitimate excuse as I’m not usually going anywhere at the same time everyone else is. They’re on time. I’m not.

As I am consistently 10 minutes late everywhere, one would think that I could just start the “getting-somewhere-on-time” process 10 minutes earlier. As much sense as this makes, it has frankly, just never worked, because I feel like I have extra time…and I spend it. And I’m still 10 minutes late.

And so it appears, that I am rude and there’s no real reason for me to be constantly late. The only meager attempt I can make in my defense is that I hardly ever cancel anything. I have friends who are never late, WHEN THEY DON’T CANCEL, because they cancel frequently. If I have something planned and don’t do it, it feels like something has been taken away from me. That includes the dentist as well as dinner with a friend. Someone told me once that I’d be pissed, if I was scheduled to be executed and it was cancelled at the last minute. Extreme, but sadly I fear, true.

We all have snags in our personalities and mine happens to be lateness. I apologize in advance to everyone out there that I may have to meet somewhere at a specific time … because without question, I’ll be late. Please forgive me, I’ll be extra good in other areas, I promise.

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